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Phonak provides world-class innovative technology to improve hearing ability, speech recognition and hearing comfort. Modern devices are customized to fit the shape of your ear, the degree of your hearing loss, your lifestyle and your hearing habits.

Phonak technology provides the following:

Phonak UltraZoom

Intelligent noise suppression, so that you are able to listen in any situation.
Phonak, the pioneer of Directional Microphone Technology presents UltraZoom.
UltraZoom microphones detect environmental sounds and focusses on speech thus making it easier to understand speech in background noise.

Speech In 360°

Phonak Speech in 360° allows you to focus and control the direction of sound, no matter the angle it is coming from.
For example, when you are driving a car and want to hear the person next to you, Speech in 360° will zoom to the left, enabling you to have good speech intelligibility in this difficult to hear environment.


Phonak SoundRecover was the world’s first program to provide access to high frequency sounds.
SoundRecover allows access to soft, high pitched sounds like “s”, “f”, “sh” and “t”, ensuring speech clarity and understanding!


Phonak NoiseBlock ensures comfortable levels of hearing in high noise situations.
NoiseBlock reduces uncomfortable background noise such as traffic or the constant hum of a ceiling fan without affecting your ability to understand speech.
With Phonak NoiseBlock you will be able to comfortably wear your hearing aids in noisy situations for long periods of time.

Phonak Wireless Accessories

Phonak provides a range of wireless accessories to assist in hearing when you are watching television, listening over the cell phone or having conversations in very noisy situations.
Together with your Phonak Professional, you can choose the best solutions to match your lifestyle needs.

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